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HAZWOPER Awareness Training Launched at

Posted on November 21, 2017 by Roger Marks

Lion Technology this week launched a new HAZWOPER Awareness level training for employees at industrial facilities who may discover or witness a hazardous substance emergency release.
OSHA requires initial and annual refresher training for personnel responsible for initiating emergency response by alerting the proper authorities or sounding alarms. The new HAZWOPER online course—OSH 308—is designed to satisfy the classroom-based competency training required by 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6).

This interactive, 2-hour online course is designed to satisfy either the initial or annual refresher training requirement for HAZWOPER awareness-level personnel.

Who Needs HAZWOPER Awareness Training?

HAZWOPER Level 1 Awareness training is required for employees who work around hazardous substances and may discover or witness an emergency release. These personnel do not take emergency response actions, but must be able to identify emergency release situations and notify the appropriate personnel and/or sound alarms. 

HAZWOPER awareness-level employees must know how to:
  • Identify hazardous substances.
  • Recognize emergency release situations.
  • Understand hazard safety labels (GHS, DOT, NFPA, HMIS).
  • Use OSHA Safety Data Sheets and relevant chemical databases.
  • Notify proper individuals in the event of a release.
Learn more about the new HAZWOPER online course here.

More HAZWOPER Training Options Coming in 2018

In addition to the 8-hour HAZWOPER Refresher for hazardous substance cleanup personnel launched last year, Lion is developing new HAZWOPER training courses for the many different levels of emergency responders.

Check for updates on these new HAZWOPER training solutions coming in 2018:
  • Initial 40-hour HAZWOPER Training for Contaminated Site Cleanup
  • 8-hour HAZWOPER Training for Operations-level Emergency Responders (Level II)
  • Initial 24-hour HAZWOPER Training for Emergency Response Technicians (Level III)
  • Refresher 8-hour HAZWOPER Training for Emergency Response Technicians (Level III)
  • 24-hour HAZWOPER Training for Emergency Response Incident Commanders (Level V)