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How's My Regulating? PHMSA Seeks More Stakeholder Input

Posted on June 12, 2020 by Roger Marks

Hazardous materials shippers, carriers, packaging manufacturers, pipeline operators, and other stakeholders may soon have more ways to sound off about the way US DOT’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) works with the regulated community.

PHMSA posted a notice and request for comment to the Federal Register on June 12, 2020. In it, they seek approval to collect insight into hazmat stakeholders’ “perceptions, experiences, and expectations.”

The plan is to collect information using customer surveys, comment cards, and other methods. The feedback will help PHMSA organize and focus their efforts, communicate more effectively with stakeholders, and evaluate changes to “improve delivery of products or services.”

The information will not be used to inform influential policy decisions in a substantive way.
PHMSA will accept public comments about the proposed feedback collection strategy until July 13, 2020.

Hazmat Webinars Announced for Summer 2020

Reliable, effective virtual training is in high demand among hazardous materials and hazardous waste professionals this year. To meet the demand for distance learning opportunities, Lion just added more hazmat training webinar to the Summery 2020 schedule.

Recurrent Hazmat Ground Shipper Certification (49 CFR)  

July 7 | July 21 | August 11 | August 25

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Hazmat Air Shipper Certification (IATA)

July 14 | July 22 | August 12 | August 26

Save your seat to expand on your 49 CFR expertise and broaden your transport options! Current IATA DGR training will prepare you quickly ship hazardous materials by cargo or passenger aircraft when allowed. Save your seat. 

Hazmat Vessel Shipper Certification (IMDG)

July 8 | July 23 | August 13 | August 27

Save your seat to ensure smooth sailing for your DG vessel shipments. This course covers the extra requirements you must follow to ship by sea, including how to classify, package, mark, label, and document your vessel shipments to avoid costly port delays, cargo fires, and costly DOT penalties.