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CSB Urges EPA to Review Hydrofluoric Acid Study

Posted on April 26, 2019 by Roger Marks

In an April 23 letter, the Chemical Hazard and Safety investigation Board (CSB) called for EPA to initiate a review and update of its 1993 hydrofluoric acid (HF) study. CSB urges EPA to determine whether current risk management plans are adequate to prevent a catastrophic release of HF. 

While investigation two petroleum refinery explosions—one in Torrance, CA in 2015 and one in Superior Wisconsin in 2018—CSB held meetings with the surrounding community, during which the community expressed concerns about chemical risk management and release notification procedures for release of HF and modified HF.

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In the letter, CSB mentions the possibility of safer alternatives entering the market which could replace HF at some refineries.  CSB urges EPA to use its authority under the Clean Air Act Risk Management Plan (RMP) requirements to determine whether safer technologies that can be used. 

New Clean Air Act Risk Management Plan (RMP) requirements took effect in December 2018, after a US Court of Appeals vacated a rule that would have delayed the effective date into 2019.  

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